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  • Drone photography

    Drone photography is popular in marketing campaigns because it showcases features such as coastal views or sweeping grounds. There are some restrictions you must follow when operating a drone.

    It is important to remember that drones are classed as aircraft, and their use is regulated by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) under part 101 of the Civil Aviation Rules.

    Part 101 of the Civil Aviation Rules state:

    • you must fly the drone only in daylight
    • the drone must not weigh more than 25 kilograms
    • you cannot fly the drone higher than 120 metres above ground level
    • you must have consent from anyone you are flying over
    • you must have permission from the owner of any land you are flying over
    • you must remain well clear of and give way to any other aircraft (it’s safer to land if another aircraft approaches)
    • you must keep the drone in visual line of sight at all times
    • you must not fly the drone in controlled airspace without authorisation from air traffic control and not within 4 kilometres of an airport without agreement from the aerodrome operator — a certified unmanned aircraft operator certification (UAOC) operator will have variations under this section allowing for more operating flexibility.


    If you want to fly a drone that weighs more than 25 kilograms or operate the drone under a variation of the part 101 rules, the drone operator must hold an unmanned aircraft operator certificate (UAOC) issued by the CAA under part 102 of the Civil Aviation Rules. The CAA recommends that you use a UAOC holder to operate a drone to ensure a safe and professional operation without creating a hazard. If you hire an operator, make sure you ask to see a copy of their certificate and attached operating specifications to outline exactly what they can do.

    You should also consider the Privacy Act when taking photos from a drone. Make sure you have permission from everyone whose land you want to fly over and communicate clearly with them about when it will be taking place.

    To learn more, visit the Civil Aviation Authority website(external link)

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