Required criteria and qualifications to work in real estate

Before you can get a licence to undertake real estate agency work, you need to meet certain criteria and obtain either a prescribed qualification or a property degree.

When you won't be granted a licence

  • If you have some restrictions

    Examples of restrictions:

    • You’ve been subject to an overseas order in the last 5 years that means you can’t act as an agent, branch manager or salesperson (or equivalent) unless we agree that you’re a fit and proper person.
    • You’re prohibited from directing, promoting or managing an incorporated body under the Companies Act 1993, the Securities Markets Act 1988 or the Takeovers Act 1993.
    • Your real estate licence has been cancelled within the last 5 years.
    • Your licence is currently suspended.
    • You’ve been disqualified from holding a licence.
  • You’ve been made bankrupt

    If you’re an undischarged bankrupt or are subject to Part 5 Subpart 4 of the Insolvency Act 2006, you can’t hold an agent’s licence and you may not be able hold a branch manager’s or salesperson’s licence.

    Read the Insolvency Act 2006(external link)

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