Selling a home?

Selling your home is a big move. It’s a complex legal process and it’s important to understand what’s involved and what to watch out for — before you put your house on the market.

That's why we’ve provided some information on the most important things to consider. If you’d like to know more, download our free guide to selling a home

Get legal advice

We recommend you engage a lawyer to help you through the selling process. Choose a lawyer before you set out to sell — selling can be a fast-moving process.

It’s important to get legal advice before you sign anything. Agency agreements and sale and purchase agreements are legally binding documents. You should consult your lawyer before signing them.

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Sign up with a real estate salesperson

Your real estate salesperson works on your behalf, so it’s important to choose someone you feel comfortable with. You sign an agency agreement together and you pay them a commission when the sale is complete.

Even if you know your salesperson personally, or a friend recommends them, use our public register at to check their details and that they’re licensed.

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Understand the sale process and method of sale

There are several methods of buying and selling property in New Zealand:

  • Selling by negotiation with or without an advertised price
  • Selling by tender
  • Selling by deadline sale
  • Selling at auction

It’s important to choose the process that best suits your circumstances. Talk to your salesperson to find out what they recommend.

Make sure you understand the process you’re using to sell your property. Practices can vary between agencies, so make sure you confirm details with them.

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Read the sale and purchase agreement and understand what it can mean for you

The sale and purchase agreement is legally binding so it’s important to read it carefully and get legal advice. You can negotiate the terms and conditions of an agreement but once you sign it there’s no going back.

We publish a sale and purchase agreement guide. Your salesperson must give you a copy of the guide before you sign a sale and purchase agreement. We recommend you read the guide early in the selling process.

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Download our free home selling guide

Check out Your Guide to Selling a Home for lots more information.

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